Alt Commander

Alt Commander 1.3

Organize your files then share them online


  • Makes great use of keyboard shortcuts
  • Built-in FTP client
  • Leaves a small memory footprint
  • Bulk file renamer


  • Takes a while to get to grips with

Very good

Lets face it, managing files on a computer is pretty boring.

If you want to collate all of your data in a meaningful way, you have to use the cumbersome Windows Explorer to search for files and folders, then manually edit and organize them.

If you're using them online you then have to open a separate FTP client and go through another process. God, I'm bored just writing about it. Anyway, all of that is irrelevant now because Alt Commander provides a way of banishing this scenario forever.

The program has a neat double-pane interface with a file explorer and an FTP client, along with a tool for bulk renaming files. Keyboard addicts will love Alt Commander because, like programs such as Total Commander, it allows you to navigate the whole thing using shortcut keys.

Goodbye mouse. The program is remarkably lightweight, and with just 1Mb you get all the functions necessary to copy, move, delete and even compare files.

It also kicks Windows' ass in terms of launching searches, exploring the structure of files and directories in your computer and setting up new shortcuts.

The software is great for photo sharing too, as it gives you the power to quickly rename your images before uploading them directly to the Web.

Once you've learned how to access and use all the features within Alt Commander you'll find that sifting through files on your PC is no longer a hardship.

Alt Commander is a small and quick freeware File Manager for Windows. Some features include a built-in FTP client, file compare, archive file navigation, and a multi-rename tool.

The program also includes an image converter, along with direct access to the Network Neighborhood, meaning you can move files around within your office with ease.

Alt Commander


Alt Commander 1.3

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